USI-Tech Getting Started Guide

USI-Tech Getting Started Guide

USI is the best business opportunity I have seen in a long time. It appeals to everyone because you can be passive or active or start cheap or for free. For active marketers, we can earn on a whopping 12 levels of depth for insane income potential. And lastly, but most importantly, it capitalizes on the enormous Bitcoin trend and allows us to earn a return on our Bitcoin purchases whether the value goes up or down because it's based on professional traders playing the game both ways.​

Please bear in mind that, at the time of writing this, USI-Tech is very new. They are still in their infancy. The website is not very clear on some things but the owners are listening to their leaders and more than willing to improve things as time progresses. That's why I'm putting this Getting Started Guide together. To help you learn what steps to take to maximize your earnings potential with USI.


For people who don't want to market USI and don't want to sponsor people.

You will earn by taking advantage of the Bitcoin mining where USI-Tech pays approximately 1% a day on your btc-packages. One btc-package is right around $42. Once a day, UTC pays about 1%. Sometimes it's higher, sometimes lower, but it averages 1% a day.

​The more btc-packages you own, the more you will earn per day. Starting off you want to buy as many as you can. Then make it a point to buy more at regular intervals like weekly or monthly. The recommended starting point here is 12 btc-packages.


  1. Login to your USI-Tech back office​
  2. In the left-hand menu, click on Shop.
  3. Look at the current Package price. That is in Bitcoin and it is based on whatever the current value of bitcoin is when you hit that page. If you need a USD value to determine how many btc-packages you can buy, I just did a search on Google for "Bitcoin to USD" and it came right up with a conversion calculator.
  4. Look at the bottom and you will see there are 3 payment options. BTC Wallet would be like Coinbase or Blockchain. I recommend using Coinbase. Blockchain is experiencing long delays due to the sheer volume of bitcoin transactions lately. There is also 2pay4you, which I believe is a European payment processor, and Payza. It's best to use bitcoin to buy bitcoin but it's up to you. Click on the payment button you want to use.
  5. On the next page you will see a No. of Packages option in the top right. Use the up arrow or type over the 1 in the box to enter the number of packages you want to purchase. Your grand total will update. Make a note of what that is in bitcoin if you are using a bitcoin wallet to pay.
  6. If you are using a bitcoin wallet you will see a 15 minute countdown timer and under that a bitcoin address to send the funds to. Highlight and copy that bitcoin address.
  7. When paying with a bitcoin wallet, I open a new browser tab and go to my Coinbase account. Then to Send/Request. This makes it very easy because you can copy and paste the bitcoin amount and the bitcoin address to send to. In the Note box I put something specific like "USI-Tech 12 btc-packages for Clay Montgomery."
  8. Hit Send on the Coinbase site and then go back to the USI tab, click the checkbox saying "I have read and accept it." That's for the terms of your purchase. A READ link is there if you want to read the terms first. Then click on the wide button saying you confirm your purchase but ONLY after you actually send the payment from your Coinbase account.
  9. I have not used the other 2 payment options for this but I imagine it's a very similar and straight-forward checkout process.

All transactions are Pending until USI approves them. To check your btc-package purchase, click on Packages in the left-hand menu in the BTC-PACKAGES section. When they are approved they will show up on your Dashboard page.

There​ is only one thing left to do. You can, and I strongly recommend you do this, compound your earnings. You will make a lot more money over the course of the 140 day package run if you are re-investing your interest every day so the next day you are earning on both your capital and your interest. To do this go to Setting in the menu and in the drop-down box select the percentage that you want to automatically re-invest. I set mine to 100%.


For people who want to earn with the passive approach detailed above and try to get some referrals so you can earn 2 levels of affiliate commissions. 10% on directs and 3% on their referrals. We earn these commissions on our referrals btc-package purchases AND on their re-buy's.

First you need you buy some btc-packages using the instructions above.

Then you need at least a presentation page to promote USI-Tech. I made one in Power Lead System and made it shareable. Instructions and share code are here. I will be adding some lead capture pages and follow up emails to that shared funnel soon.

Nex​t you need to grab your affiliate link. Scroll down to the bottom section of your Dashboard and look for Advertisement link.

​If yours has an alphanumeric code at the beginning then click on the Change button and enter your username and save it. Copy and paste your link to a text file (Notepad) and then add 'register' after that last forward slash so it takes people straight to the sign up page.

Now ju​st advertise to your list if you have one, on Facebook or other social media and give people the link to your presentation page.

That 10% we earn from our direct​ referrals adds up fast. Even with just a few active referrals. If you get to the point where you have 3 referrals who have each purchased 12 btc-packages then you are more than half of the way to qualifying for the 12 levels of compensation and might want to consider going full Active as detailed below.


For people who want to make the most money possible with USI-Tech. If you know how to market a business opportunity online and/or you have an email list, this is for you. You can open up the full 12 levels of the compensation plan and literally earn on the leverage of 1000's of other people.

​In order to qualify for the 12 levels of uni-level compensation, we have to purchase either the Agency License or the Forex Trading Software for 600 Euros. Nobody should be buying that Agency License. Reason being, the agency license is an annual fee where the software is a one-time cost. Even if you don't plan on using their software as a Forex trading platform, you still want to buy it just to save money.

Once​ the software is purchased you then need 3 Direct Partners (people you personally enroll) who either purchase the software OR purchase 12 btc-packages. Then you are qualified and open up all 12 levels to earn on, which is absolutely HUGE.

​To order the trading software, scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard page and click on the big red "Order your license" button.

​Click on the checkbox to accept the terms and then click on the payment option you want to use. 2pay4you or Payza.

Again, all transactions​ are Pending until USI-Tech approves them so be patient.

​Now you need to start promoting USI. You can use my shared funnel in PLS if you don't want to have to create something of your own. Instructions and share code are here.

​You should also purchase as many btc-packages as you can and set it to re-buy 100% for compounding. Remember, people don't do what you say... they do what you do. Don't expect your referrals to buy 12 btc-packages if you aren't doing the same thing.


For people who are seriously restricted financially but know how to market something online or have a decent sized email list.

This is almost identical to the Semi Passive / Active Approach explained above except that you won't be purchasing any btc-packages right away. Instead, you will rely on that 10% and 3% that you get from your direct referrals and their referrals to build up enough funds for you to purchase some btc-packages of your own.

It doesn't take much, either. You could have one referral who purchases $1000 in btc-packages and you would earn a $100 commission which shows up in your balance the moment their purchase clears. That would buy you 2 btc-packages right there. Or maybe 3 referrals who each purchase $400 in btc-packages. That would almost give you enough in commissions to buy 3 btc-packages for yourself.