1. Must have your TronLink chrome extension wallet open
  2. Click on this link: https://daisy.global/r/claymontgomery
  3. Register for D.AI.SY (enter a user name)
  4. Upgrade Crowd (each Tier) in order


  1. Must have your TronLink chrome extension wallet open
  2. Click on this link: https://daisy.global

Note: when using the Chrome extension change the Node settings to Mainnet (tronstack)

Funding Instructions

New Info from D.AI.SY says only the TronLink or
TronLink Pro wallets will work with the Daisy system.

All Daisy transactions, purchases and commission payouts, are done with the TRON (TRX) crypto currency. Your first step then should be to acquire enough Tron to fund the level you wish to come in at (Starts at $100 for Level 1). The easiest and fastest way to get some Tron is to buy Bitcoin, then exchange it for Tron (TRX).

Below you will see a chart showing all packages / levels available. Most people are coming in at Levels 5 or 6. I personally upgraded to Level 6 and will likely upgrade to Level 7 very soon. Two things to keep in mind...

  1. 1. During your first 48 hours after signing up and upgrading, you get all 10 levels of the matrix unlocked with NO sponsoring requirements. After that, you only get paid from levels at or below your current highest level OR higher if you meet the sponsoring requirements. Anyone under you who upgrades higher than your level and the commissions will roll up to the first qualified person above you. Except for the 5% sponsoring bonus which you always get.
  2. 2. Whatever level you have upgraded to by the time you've been in for 30 days, the next higher level is given to you for FREE.

Only the following Tron wallet is approved...

Clicking on that button will open in a new tab so this page is still here for you. When you go to the TronLink website you will see 3 options. iOS, Andriod and Chrome Extension.

The Chrome extension is TronLink. The mobile apps are TronLink Pro (at least it is for Android which is what I have). I found the Chrome extension to be super easy so that's the one I recommend you use.

If you need to buy Bitcoin first, the fastest way to do that will depend on where you are located.

People in the USA, Canada or the UK should use CashApp.  CashApp is a mobile-only app that's available for Android and IOS. Simply install it, do the ID verification (it's pretty quick), and add your bank account and/or debit/credit card. After you buy Bitcoin you will need to send it from your CashApp wallet to your chosen Tron wallet.

NOTE:  TronLink does have an integrated Exchange feature. You can send your bitcoin there and then exchange it there.  I did the exchange with the Exodus wallet. You can also use SimpleSwap to exchange bitcoin for Tron.

If you are anywhere other than the USA or Canada, use Paxful. It's a peer to peer crypto purchase or swap platform that can be super fast. Like within a minute or two the Bitcoin is delivered to your wallet. Many payment options are available including PayPal.

I recommended using the Klever wallet earlier because Daisy recommended that one over the rest. Then they later said Klever wasn't working properly. If you already funded your Klever wallet, it is very easy to import your Private Key from Klever to TronLink. Only you will ever see your Private Key so, rest assured, it is secure. I did that myself to move over $8200 in Tron over to my TronLink wallet. Very quick, too. Below is a video Frank Calabro Jr made that walks you through the process.