First of all, what is a link tracking service? It’s a service that you pay for that allows you to replace the URL for whatever web page you’re promoting with a URL that tracks things like clicks on the link, opt in conversions, sales conversions and more. There is typically a monthly fee for this service and most companies offer more than one plan. Each plan might give you more tracking links, more monthly clicks, or more features or all of these things.

A link tracking service is extremely important as an online marketer. You have to be able to track your advertising campaigns and see detailed data that can save you money and help you improve your funnels or campaigns. It’s also a necessity for A/B Split Testing, comparing 2 or more squeeze pages or complete sales funnels to see which one converts better.

It’s even more important when using paid traffic like solo ads or traffic agencies. Not every seller is on the up-and-up. If you always use a tracking link then you’ll be able to see and prove how many clicks you actually received.

Depending on the analytics and features available, you may also be able to see things like how many clicks came from each country or what percentage was Tier 1 traffic or what percentage is mobile traffic vs. desktop traffic. Especially if you are specifically paying extra to get all Tier 1 traffic or all or no mobile traffic. If you don’t use a tracking link then you really have no idea if you’re getting what you paid for.

I only ever recommend what I have used or am currently using. Below are my only 2 recommendations for link tracking services. The first one is my number 1 choice.

ClickMagick is my favorite link tracking service ever! I mean I’ve tried a lot of them over the years. CM has only been around a couple of years I think. There are so many features and analytics even with their cheapest monthly plan. Plus you can also setup URL Rotators. One of their cool features is the ability to redirect mobile traffic to a different URL if the one you’re using is not mobile responsive. You can do the same type of redirect based on geographic targeting as well. It’s worth every penny and I use this service daily.

COST:  FREE for the first 14 days. Then $17 a month if paid monthly or $12 a month if paid annually. Unlimited tracking links and 10,000 clicks a month allowed with this starter plan.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR CLICKMAGICK is the one I used before I switched over to ClickMagick. It’s been around longer but I have to say, it’s not as good. I’m adding this one strictly for people who are on a tight budget. Although the monthly cost is not really that much of a savings. is much more basic, meaning a lot less features, but still gets the job done. The cheapest plan gives you unlimited tracking links and unlimited clicks. Only consider this instead of ClickMagick if saving $8 a month makes a big difference to you.

COST:  FREE for the first 30 days. Then $9 a month. Unlimited tracking links and clicks.