This Little Ad Copy Trick Can Increase Your Conversions By Up To 30 Percent

by | Apr 29, 2018

For more than 17 years now, my favorite method for generating highly targeted traffic and leads has been with solo ads.

Back in the day, solo ads were only available as Safelist solo ads or Ezine (online digital magazines or newsletters) solo ads. It was so much cheaper back then, too. You could get a solo ad to 30,000 people for $15 to $30. Or a solo ad to 100,000+ people for $50 or $60.

Nowadays everyone charges per click. Meaning every time someone clicks on the link in the email ad and visits your website, typically a lead capture page, that counts as a “Click.” When we buy solo ad traffic, we are buying a guaranteed number of unique clicks. That means every click has to be a different person and duplicate or triple clicks don’t count. This is actually a good thing. People should not be clicking on the link if they haven’t read the email and are interested in what they read. Enough so that they want more information. Hence, they click on the link.

This little trick I learned from Matt Bacak, a genius email marketer and incredibly talented copywriter, and it has increased both my opt in and my sales conversions by as much as 30%.

The idea behind this trick is that any solo ad seller you buy traffic from has to guarantee a number of unique clicks so we are going to do something that will ensure that those clicks are always going to be from people who are highly interested and know what to expect after they click.

The way we do that is by inserting a statement in our ad copy that says something like, “Click on the link below and opt in to learn more.”

Wait! We are going to tell them ahead of time that they are about to visit a lead capture page? You bet we are!

Think about it. If the seller has to guarantee you get 200 unique clicks then we are going to do our best to make sure all 200 clicks we get are much more likely to opt in and then keep going through our sales funnel because they only would have clicked if they were interested in what they read in the email (solo) ad.

You don’t have to worry as much about getting clicks from tire kickers and the seller has to work harder to make sure you get what you paid for.

Now obviously this trick only works if you are able to submit your own solo ad copy. In most cases you can. Like with Udimi for example.

While we’re on the subject, I’ll let you in on another cool secret. I’ve been selling solo ad traffic for more than 2 years and have a perfect reputation for delivering exceptional quality traffic. One of the things that has made my traffic so popular and makes my clients keep coming back for more is because I write the ad copy for them. And one of the many reasons why my traffic converts better than my competition is because of this trick I just taught you and several more that I have learned from 17 years of practice and training and purchasing products and courses from people like Matt Bacak and always incorporate into my ad copy for the benefit of my clients. That’s why I named my company Done For You Solos. Because I do most of the work for you. All I need is the link to your capture page.

Most people either don’t like to or don’t know how to write good ad copy. I’ve known that for a long time. That’s what gave me the idea for I have spent years and thousands of dollars on products and courses that taught me how to write compelling ad copy with little tricks like this one I’m teaching you today and using psychological triggers that virtually force people to take action.

Anyway, getting a bit off topic here. If you use solo ads or want to and you write your own ad copy then try this trick and I guarantee your results will be much better than if you did not use it. If you want to check out my Done For You Solos, you can do so at